Kamoshige's Women
Minor Characters
Gender: Females
No.Of Wives: 9
No.Of Lovers: Countless
Known Lovers: Yuhara's Mother (Ex Lover)

Katori's Mother (Ex Lover)

Known Wives: Chisato & Misora's Mother (Ex Wife)
Shion's Mother (Ex Wife)

Sumire Arimiya (Current)

Residence: The Arimiya Tower

Kamoshige's Women, are the lovers & wives of The late Kamoshige Arimiya, He had married nine times & had countless lovers.When Kamoshige saw beautiful women he used his power & money to have them,however when he gets bored or tried of them he throws them out of the Arimiya Residence.All of them were rape, molest & abused by him. His current wife is Sumire Arimiya & he kept three of his previous mistresses daughters; Chisato, Misora & Shion to be his"Toys".


  • Kamoshige women only married him to inherited his money,Kamoshige never loved them, but he only wanted them for there features.
  • Yuhara is also after Kamoshige's inheritance since her mother was Kamoshige's lover but he got tried of her and throw her out.Yuhara wanted to claim the money for her mother.
  • Even through his step-daughters weren't his lovers he didn't grow tried of them and kept them within the residence.
  • It is possibly that Kamoshige would soon grew tried of his current wife Sumire, but he died sudddenly.