Master Kamoshige


Kamoshige Arimiya
Master Kamoshige
The Master
Cause Of Death:
Heart Failure
Eye Color:
Dark Brown
Hair Color:
Lady Sumire Arimiya (Current Wife)
9 unnamed Ex wives
Unamed Lovers
Lady Misora (Step-Daughter)
Lady Chisato (Step-Daughter)
Lady Shion (Step-Daughter)
Minor Character

Kamoshige Arimiya, was an evil politician who has been a local governor for 40 years,during that time he used his power and money to get any beautiful women he wants.He had married 9 times and had countless lovers,when he got bored or tried of them, he would through them out of the Arimiya residence.He kept three of his previous mistresses daughters Lady Misora, Lady Chisato and Lady Shion as his "Toys". He brutally molest & abuse Misora & Shion but rapes Chisato since she was a virgin, to Kamoshige breaking a woman's virginity will bring him luck,His current wife Sumire was also brutally rape & abuse by him.It seems like every women Kaoshige had, has been rape,abuse & molest by him.

In The Arimiya Company,Kamoshige fire one of his safe keepers Kadono Tatsuya for corruption charges but the charged were drop since their wasn't any evidence, this had ruin Kadono's career, he swore to get revenge on Kamoshige and ask his son Katori to avenge him, soon after Kadono died and Kamoshige hired Katori as his third secretary in honor to forgive him for what he did to his father.Suddenly Kamoshige dies of heart failure, with his death everyone thought there nightmares were over but the nightmare has just begun! Katori realize he can't avenge his father since Kamosahige is dead but decides to target The Arimiya Family for revenge! Since Kamoshige died, he left a large heritage in his safe box,the person to inherit the money will gain power and became his next successor.

The Arimiya Family is conflict for the hidden money and would do whatever they can to inherit it! Just before his death, he changed the password to his safe box and now The Arimiya Family is trying to discover what it is. Kamoshige's spirit has possessed Katori so that he would be able to help him to discovering what the PIN number is by raping his victims and seeing memories of Kamoshige's past, it seems like Kamoshige intended to have Katori as his next successor and not his wife .Even from his grave,Kamoshige still haunts his victims!


  • It seems the reason why Kamoshige suddenly died of heart failure is; he was constantly raping & molesting women,he wasn't looking after his health probably and putting too much pressure on his heart.
  • Kamoshige had a strong sexual endurance.
  • The only reason women were marrying him is because of his money they thought that they can inherit some of his money but Kamoshige was only interesting in raping & molesting them.
  • Shion was the last woman Kamoshige molest, since he was performing oral sex with her and drop dead while he was changing the pass code of the safe box.
  • Katori's mother was one of Kamoshige's lovers but was thrown out since he grew bored and tried of her, just like Yuhara's mother.
  • Kamoshige never talk in the hentai.
  • Almost every women Kamoshige had he had sex with including their children.
  • It was never stated if Kamoshige had biological children since he only has step-daughters.
  • Since Kamoshige wasn't Chisato,Misora & Shion's biological father they still called him father .
  • Kamoshige kept Chisato,Misora & Shion in the Arimiya Family to be his toys and it seems like they were his favorite girls too.