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Shion Arimiya
Other Names:
Lady Shion
Apparent Age:
Mid Teens
Kamoshige Arimiya

Sumire Arimiya (Step-Mother)
Chisato Arimiya (Step-sister)

Misora Arimiya (Step-sister)
Eye Color:
Dark Brown
Hair Color:
Dark Brown
Arimiya Heiress
Kamoshige's "Toy"(formerly)
Katori's Sex Slave (Current)
Main Character

Shion Arimiya, is the third step-daughter in the Arimiya Family she serves as one of the main characters, Shion is a very caring loving girl who shows respect for everybody, She wants nothing more than to get along with her family and live a simple, happy life, but it seems impossible to do. Chisato couldn't believe Shion is a member of the Arimiya Family since she sees Shion as a "nobody". Even so Shion still shows respect for Chisato, by calling her "sister" but Chisato hates it and begs her to

Shion cries as Chisato reminds her of what Kamoshige had done to her.

don't call her that since their not blood related. Unlike everyone else trying to seek Kamoshige's inheritance, Shion is the only one who isn't interest in the inheritance.

However just before Kamoshige died, he secretly molest Shion right in front the safe box,afterwards he change the PIN number and drops dead infront of  Shion .Knowing she's the last person with Kamoshige alive, she doesn't relieve anything about the PIN number but Chisato knew Shion was with Kamoshige the day he died,she tortures Shion in a secret room that Kamoshige used for torturing, molesting & raping women throuhout the years.

Shion begs Chisato to let her go since she doesn't know anything, but Chisato believes she's lying and continues to

Chisato about to torture Shion

torture her more until Katori stops Chisato, ties her up then rapes Chisato, Yuhara came in with Misora & Emiri tied up as well, Katori instructed her to untied Shion and carry her to the safe box, after Katori finish raping Chisato he went up to the safe box trying to unlock it,while Yuhara molest Shion.Since Katori is possessed by Kamoshige's spirit and sees visions of his past,Katori knew that something about

Shion being molest by Yuhara

Shion is the key for unlocking the safe box. As Shion climax, a strange brusie mark, shape like a cherry blossom suddenly appears on her belly,looking at it Katori sees another vision of Kamoshige's past and remembers the past word as "Cheery Blossom by the embankment" & unlocks the safe box.

A couple of months later ,Katori was related as governor and now takes over The Arimiya Tower along with the Arimiya Family & Yuhara as his sex slaves.Shion was the only person left to be rape by Katori,since he had rape everyone else. Shion begs him not to do it but he insisted and explains to her to relax.Shion starts to cried out since it hurts,but Katori doesn't care and proceeds to rape her rough as he finished ejaculates inside her, Shion passes out & Katori smiles at her.


  • Out of all the members of The Arimiya Family Shion is the kindest.
  • It was stated by Katori that Shion was rape the same way as Chisato by Kamoshige, however in Kamoshige's past it was shown that he didn't rape Shion but only molest her.
  • In the end Katori stated he gotten all the women, however he never molest or rape Shion yet, only in the end did he rape her.
  • Shion seems to be the only one who hasn't  had sex with Katori in episode 1only in episode 2
  • Shion only had one sex scene,she was torture and molest mostly.
  • Shion is the youngest in the Arimiya Family since she appears to be in her mid teens.
  • Shion's room was never reveal in the hentai only in the game.
  • It is unknown if Shion gets along well with Misora or Sumire.

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