The Arimiya Tower
Arimiya Tower
Other Names:
The Arimiya Residence
The Arimiya Organization
Business Corporation
40 Years Ago
Key People:
Kamoshige Arimiya (Governor,Deceased)
Katori Tatsuya (Governor,Current)
Kamoshige Arimiya (Founder)
Known Residents:
Sumire Arimiya (Current,Wife)

Misora Arimiya (Step-Daughter)
Chisato Arimiya (Step-Daughter)

Shion Arimiya (Step-Daughter)
Takuo Souma (Lawyer)

Yuhara Shouko (Secretary)
Ushio Kyouji (Manager)

Katori Tatsuya (Secretary,Formerly)
Emiri Kasai (Maid)
No. Of Rooms:
4 Bedrooms
2 Living Rooms
1 Secret Room
2 Hall Rooms
1 Open-Plan Office
1 Hallway

The Arimiya Tower, also known as The Arimiya Residence, is a business organization that was established by the late Kamoshige Arimiya 40 years ago,He became the governor of Japan for forty years until his death.Throughout those years Kamoshige had plenty of women living in The Arimiya Tower with him, from nine wives to countless lovers.He used his money and power to get any beautiful women he wants.When he got tried or bored of them, he threw them out of the Arimiya residence. The tower is also the home of Kamoshige & The Arimiya Family,some of the employees also lived & worked in the tower, such as Katori Tatsuya.The Arimiya Tower has four bedrooms, two living rooms,one secret room,two hall rooms, one open-plan office & one hallway.These rooms are only seen in the game and hentai.

Gallery Of Arimiya Tower (Inside)Edit


  • The Serect room is a special room where women used to be torture, rape & molest by Kamoshige,Chisato used the room to torture Shion.
  • The Guess room is where Katori stays in.
  • Shion's room was never reveal in the hentai only in the game.
  • The Hall is where Kamoshige's furneral was held.
  • The style of the tower and rooms inside, hasn't change a bit in the hentai.I
  • It is unknown where the tower is located in Japan.